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Best Stiiizy Pod Flavors for Anxiety

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Identifying the best Stiiizy cart or pod flavors for anxiety and their price have become a major issue. Actually, there isn’t any best pod. This all depends on whichever the consumer decides works best for him. Maybe a brief info on what stiiizy is, will help our consumers deciding which one they want. Stiiizy pods come in three varieties: Original, Silver and Gold. Firstly, the Stiiizy Original pods contain terpene-infused distillate oil, while the stiiizy Gold pods contain live resin oil. The Stiiizy Silver vape pods on the other hand, do contain oil infused with cannabis-derived terpenes. However, vaping is good for anxiety as many users claim, and as such, this is a list of some of the best stiiizy pod flavors for anxiety.

Stiiizy King Louis XIII Pod

This strain is a 70/30 indica dominant hybrid and quite remarkable for its royal calibre of THC of between 20-28% depending on its weight. It is a popular indica cannabis strain producing a deep physical sedation accompanied bouts of bliss. An addition of mango flavor to this strain will make you feel relaxed, sleepy and happy.

Juicy Melon 1:1 Original Pod

Stiiizy Juicy Melon vape pods provide an equal ratio of THC and CBD, leaving its user with a smooth experience and relaxing effects. Also,Juicy’s balanced ratio allows is users to take advantage of the therapeutic power of both cannabinoids at the same time. Further, this is an indica hybrid. Hence, reason why it brings about a calming buzz, and a blend of a mild euphoria and relaxing sedation.

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Juicy Melon

Sour Diesel Pod

First, Sour diesel Pod is a 90/10 sativa dominant strain with a 80% THC smacker effect. Second, it is known for producing a stimulating and galvanizing cerebral effects, making it perfect for daytime use. As a resultant effect of the THC level, the strain tends to get you extremely happy and uplifting. We do recommend you try this, if you are looking for a potent sativa pod. However, do keep in mind that this strain has one of the strongest and most pungent aromas of any strain.

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Sour Diesel

Stiiizy Og Kush Live Resin Pod

Og kush Pod brings to you a disposable vape pen with a citrus flavor producing a typically smooth vapor. Also, Og Kush has an earthy taste, followed by a strong pine scent, just like many other Kush. Further, it has an almost 85% THC, generating a strong buzz with uplifting cerebral euphoria with each hit. It is a high ranking vape and gets useful as a substitute for alcohol. Order Stiiizy Og Kush Live Resin Pod at a good price for anxiety.

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Og Kush Live Resin Pod

Granddaddy Purp Original Pod

Granddaddy purp pod is a famous indica cross of parent plants Purple Urkle and Big Bud. As such, Granddaddy Purple is a heavily indica dominant hybrid. Also, Granddaddy purp pod produces a high that first hits you with a cerebral rush that leaves you feeling eupforic. Furthermore, this gives rise to a slight psychedelic effect as you feel like you’re floating through trippy visions.

SFV OG Pod Original Pod

Firstly, Stiiizy’s SFV OG Pod is an indica dominant of 89% THC content level that delivers a consistent mid-range buzz. This slowly makes it way to the body with a mind-blowing cerebral euphoria and an intense body high. Furthermore, it is famous for its amusing sativa dominant effects its extraordinary pain management effects. Every pod includes the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes derived from the original strain.

SFV Og pod

Do-Si-Dos Original Pod

Do-Si-Dos Vape Pod is an indica-dominant hybrid with qualities similar to its parent, Girl Scout Cookies. Do-si-Dos is a Cross between Girl Scout cookies and Face Off OG. With this premium thc pod, stoners are able to enjoy a stoney, in-your-face buzz off the start that melts down over the body. With Do-Si-Dos, yo will feel like you are melting. The effects are great for sleeping or just a quick dose of euphoria.

Strawberry Cough Pod

Strawberry Cough is a cross between Strawberry Field and Haze. This potent strain bring a thoughtful and energetic high perfect for conversation, reading, or working. Great for: Stress, Depression, Pain, Fatigue, Headaches. Also, Strawberry cough Pod will set you off on a nice head trip. It might not be as euphoric as some of the other fruity sativas, but it is definitely a happy high.

Below is list of other best stiiizy vape pods for anxiety.


Above discussed text is on providing a list of the best Stiiizy vape pods (flavors) for anxiety. This pods do help la lot of users to vape away their anxiety. Listed above is a number of great flavors to help relax its users and get them feel calmer and relaxed sedation. However, pods offering these effects are not limited to the ones listed here. We did mention but a few which are highly effective and some of which are currently available in stock and can be purchased from us. Want to try out some of these vapes for yourself, visit our online store. You can as well message on WhatsApp to order some of the best Stiiizy vape (cart) or pod flavors at affordable price.

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