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How to Clean Your Bong, Bowl or Pipe

Here is the best place to learn how to clean your marijuana bong or glass bong (glass bong cleaner tips)

What is the first thing you have in mind when you think of Gandalf the Grey? Maybe it’s the nicely shaped wooden pipe that he uses to smoke “pipeweed,” or “Longbottom Leaf.”

We can learn a lot from Gandalf when it comes to smoking etiquette. This guy likes to keep his pipes clean. He has a relaxed and sophisticated style, and seems to enjoy every drag. Besides, his smoke rings are legendary.

Clean smoking equipment greatly influences style. There are several other reasons why clean bongs and bowls are nice to have: Maximum airflow, 100% fresh bud flavours, and aesthetics.

This article will walk you through a quick 3-step process for cleaning bongs, bowls or glass pipes.

You need the following materials:

• Your dirty bong, bowl or pipe

• Clean tap water

• Washing-up liquid (the stuff for washing dishes)

• A Ziploc plastic bag

• Epsom salts (buy at local pharmacy or online)

• Rubbing Alcohol (buy at local pharmacy or online)

• Q-tips


1. Pre-soak your dirty piece in hot water and washing-up liquid

Washing-up liquid is chemically designed to break up the undesired stuff from our plates, silverware and glasses. It’s
obviously safe to use for materials that have contact with our mouth. Pre-soaking your bong, bowl, or pipe in this solution of hot water and washing-up liquid will make things easier. The pre-soaking method is also an excellent way to get rid of the dirty dishes that seem to pile up in most stoner kitchens. Wait a few weeks and then throw it all in the bathtub, letting it soak for 24 hours. Beat the system.

2. Rubbing alcohol in a Ziploc bag: Shaken, not stirred

Place your dirty bowl or glass pipe in a re-sealable Ziploc bag and pour rubbing alcohol on it. You don’t need a whole lot. It’s sufficient if the piece is completely submerged. If you want to clean a bong, it’s best to pour the rubbing alcohol into your bong. Close your bag or cover the holes of your bong and shake rapidly.

If your smoking device was rather dirty, the rubbing alcohol will change in colour, turning brownish. Repeat this step, using fresh and clean rubbing alcohol.

If you want to spend some money, you can buy specialized products that can substitute the rubbing alcohol. Alcohol based mouthwashes can be an effective alternative, too.

3. Miss, could you add some Epsom salt? Thanks.

So, your bowl should still be in your Ziploc bag, covered in rubbing alcohol; your bong should still have a good amount of alcohol in it. Well, next comes Epsom salts.

Leave the rubbing alcohol in the bag or bong, and add a decent amount of Epsom salts to your Ziploc bag or bong. Now it’s time to shake again. The more you shake your bag or bong, the better. Epsom salts will penetrate all the clogged up resin that naturally builds up over time.

After this, thoroughly rinse your piece with hot water to remove the remaining resin. Q-tips can be used to optimize airflow and get any small pieces of residue that may be stuck. If you want to give your smoking device a nice finish, you can use a microfiber cloth to rub it dry.

You made it. Time to do fun things again!

bong cannabis


A. Evaluate the smoking experience

Now that you finished the cleaning process, it’s time to evaluate the smoking experience. It’s ideal if you have high-quality cannabis blossoms within reach, preferably grown with organic fertilizers and nicely cured.

Load a bowl or pack a bong and light it up. Enjoy your bud and compare results – before and after cleaning your bong or bowl.

B. Share pleasurable moments with your friends

How about a nice gathering with your friends, maybe a few different strains to test, and a variety of clean bongs, bowls and pipes?

Having sophisticated discussions about bud flavours while being completely high is most likely to end in a lot of uncontrollable laughter. Having clean smoking equipment is essential when inviting friends to have a smoke. Nothing is more off-putting for company than a rancid bong.

C. Clean your smoking equipment on a regular basis

If you use your glass bong or marijuana bong, bowl or pipe on a regular basis, it makes sense to repeat this cleaning process at fixed intervals. This will help you to get the most out of your flavourful buds and ensures the best smoking experience possible. Feel free to refine this method, or to experiment with your own cleaning techniques.

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  1. My boyfriend is into smoking pot, that’s why I would like to purchase a chamber pipe for him. I never knew that clean pipes can help maximize airflow and provide 100% fresh bud flavors. I’d make sure to remind him to follow this and your other instructions ones I finally bought one for him.

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