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For great relaxation and high THC buds, buy chemdog (chemdawg) marijuana strain online and get a safe/discreet delivery to your doorsteps. This strain has developed quite a name for itself over the years. Between its mysterious origin, ambiguous genetics, and the plethora of successful crosses the strain has produced. Also, Chemdog has practically secured itself a permanent place in the cannabis hall of fame. Also, the strain’s potency has made it a valuable strain for crossbreeding. Furthermore, it is a great choice for accomplishing tasks, as well as for more celebratory circumstances as it keeps the consumer’s head buzzing and fluent conversation.

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The original source of powerhouse strains like Sour Diesel and OG Kush, the strain is known for its distinct, diesel-like aroma. Pungent and sharp, you’ll be able to smell this hybrid from a mile away. Cannabis newbies be warned: Chemdog tends to be very potent. Depending on grow conditions, this strain tends to have THC levels of 15-20%. Consumers can expect to have a very cerebral experience, coupled with a strong heavy-bodied feeling. Growing this plant will need some vigilance as the sativa typical plants often grows up to 5 feet tall.

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3 reviews for Chemdog

  1. Riotslug

    “I got medicated and I take 20 pills a day and have 5 different doctors. If I was high on this all day I wouldn’t have to even have to waste money and time through insurance companies that are connected to Pharma. It’s amazing to smoke, it helps you clear your head, and it takes away your pain and anxiety/paranoia.”

  2. Romeo P

    I got this strain some days back from Skunk Pouss online store with the intention to give it a try, but the kind of feeling i had after burning a spliff of it is the type of one that tells you never to stop smoking pot… I LOVE IT!!!

  3. Scott

    I wanna try I’m in FL can you help?

    • Admin

      Yeah we do ship to Florida. Call or text (415) 237-3467 for your order. Thank You

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