Blue Trainwreck

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Blunts Garden presents to you the best online dispensary where you can order quality Blue Trainwreck strain online by simply messaging on whatsapp. This is a sativa-dominant bud with a cross of Trainwreck and Blueberry. This is a well-loved marijuana bud for its pleasurable blend of flavors and effects. Also, it expresses trichome-laden spade-shaped buds that are emerald green with amber hairs. Furthermore, the strain offers a sweet blueberry aroma, pungent earthy flavors, and effects that energize and focus. Users of this bud utilize it to improve mood and combat fatigue.

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The THC of this strain revolves around 24% maintaining a persistent high that is energizing and relaxing at same time. The flowers bring out minty green with rich blue hues. Also, the buds are covered in bright orange hairs and frosty trichomes which give off blueberry tart and pungent skunky aromas. Furthermore, the buds are similarly rich in berry flavors, tart citrus and skunk. Blue Trainwreck strain also has an after flavor of tree fruit. Most patients love this strain due to its energetic properties.

This strain has a moderate grow with a flowering time of 45 to 55 days, indoors. It produces an average yield with a delightful aroma for anyone wanting to keep them nearby. However, smell-proofing equipment is recommended if you want to keep them discreet.

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Weight1 oz

6 reviews for Blue Trainwreck

  1. Simply Amazed

    I feel bad because i don’t know the name of the agent that hooked me up via the phone. He made my day by giving me 10% off on my very first order and this took care of my needs as i initially had like $5 short. The customer care is awesome

  2. Josh

    I definitely will come back for more. Keep doing the great work, Blunts Garden! 10/10

  3. riheyee

    My favorite and I love the customer service, that alone will get you guys higher

  4. Illeard

    Love it. Makes me laugh that I almost forgot dropping a comment. Thanks James for the helping hand to successfully place my order

  5. Wyatt

    One of my favorite sativa hybrid. Good for pain relief and has a great smell

  6. Carter

    This has always been my favorite. Back here in Washington, we call it Blue wreck. #IAmAFan

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