Jack the Ripper


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Jack the Ripper, as well known as JTR, is the flagship hybrid from Subcool’s The Dank. JTR bud was created by the breeder Subcool to make Jack’s Cleaner in seed form. JTR is the fastest lemon Haze available to date and a cross of the Jack’s Cleaner clone with Space Queen male known as Space Dude. Featuring incredibly resinous triangle-shaped buds and an intense spicy, lemon-pine aroma. Relatively to its 70% sativa-dominant strain, jack the ripper strain usually tests over 20% THC. Furthermore, the effect is intense, visually stimulating, and can sometimes leave novice consumers disoriented and paranoid.

Jack the Ripper strain is a good coverall medication ideal for daytime use. This strain is also effective for migraines, nausea, glaucoma and inflammation. The cerebral effects can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Another typical effects of the strain include:

  • Paranoia
  • Cotton mouth
  • Creative
  • Energetic
  • Euphoric

Also, Jack the ripper strain average thc content is 15% with the highest thc content being 17%. This bud features a sweet lemon flavor with its negative effects being dry eye and occasional dizziness. The charge of energy couple with the cerebral stimulation uplift user’s spirit. These cerebral effects of the bud are so strong, however, they often drown out the accompanying mild body-high so much so that users rarely recognize it.

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