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How to Spot Fake Stiiizy Pods

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Fake Stiiizy pen pods have recently been around obstructing the sales of real best stiiizy pods flavors. There are thousands of shady vendors across the country trying to sell them all the time. Here, we’ll show how to identify the fake Stiiizy carts. See our Stiiizy pen review for more information on the real thing.
Over the years, Stiiizy makes high-quality and friendly weed vape pods. Despite this effort, knock-off versions of Stiiizy’s products are cropping up on the black markets.  Stiiizy’s legit pods undergo regulated cannabis lab test. Knock-offs do not undergo this process. So, you’ll want to watch out for this to know what’s real and what’s fake to avoid any health issues. Correspondingly, the biggest health issue on everyone’s mind right now is the vaping illness epidemic. So, this has already claimed eight lives and hospitalized hundreds. Further, stiiizy pods price can as well be a guide to identifying which is fake stiiizy pods and which is real stiiizy.

Possible Signs to Spot Fake

First, Stiiizy pen pods considered fake when it contains oil that was not made by the actual company. For instance, companies in China make vape pods with Stiiizy branding, logos, and packaging. Typically, we are not sure if the real company is able to pursue any of the Chinese makers. Moreover, there might not be a trademark since technically Stiiizy is a federally illegal product. Conversely, the same problem exists with fake Brass Knuckles cartridges.

Judging from the Packaging

Getting to judge from the packaging as seen in the picture below, the box on the Left is sample of fake stiiizy pods and the one of the right is package of real one. First, the real Stiiizy box has a THC percentage stick and other information on the bottom right corner of the box and the box on the Left does not. Also, another point of interest is the Font (text) used with the fake box compared with the real box. The fake one has distorted and misplaced words. This is something very opposite to the real one.
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Fake (left) and real (right)

Further, as seen in the picture below, the real Stiiizy pod (On the Right) has the “III” on the bottom right corner.  Though it’s hard to see, but if you compare it with the fake one, the fake is darker and clearer to see and the real Stiiizy is lighter. Those are some of the little things to watch out for if you must make out the differences between real and fake stiiizy pods.

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Left (fake) and right (real)

How will I Know if I Purchased Fake Stiiizy Pods or Battery?

Do ensure that the Stiiizy product you purchased is a lab-tested cannabis product. And it is from a retailer with a state-licensed dispensary or delivery service. This is the safest way to be sure of the stiiizy cannabis product.
It is always good to buy from a legit dispensary with a state license number. Stiiizy cannabis products are currently available only in California, Nevada and Michigan.
To combat counterfeits, STIIIZY is continuously improving its packaging. Recently, QR codes got introduced in some of the stiiizy packages and expect to have them on all new packaging soon. You can learn more at

How Long do Stiiizy Pods Last?

Stiiizy pods have an estimated shell life of one year, after which it should be appropriately discarded. The durability of Stiiizy pods depend on environmental conditions. This entails temperature conditions and different pattern of usage. As we  may have earlier mentioned. Stiiizy only use high quality cannabis oils and botanical terpenes. Changes in coloring occur natural over time. Yet, this change in color does not impact purity, potency or effectiveness of the products. Conclusively, you should note that how long pods last will vary depending on the usage. This varies from user to user depending on frequency of use and length of draw.

How Much do Stiiizy Pods Cost?

Stiiizy pods price may vary from dispensary to dispensary or delivery service as independent retailers set their own prices. But, Stiiizy pods price for full gram is regular at $60. But, you may have different prices with different dispensaries. You should be cautious not to buy any pod sold at price of $35, as it definitely will be fake stiiizy. Also, Stiiizy cannabis products are currently available only in California, Washington, Nevada, Michigan, and Arizona. If found in different states other than these, then it got mailed over like we do ship to other states.
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STIIIZY Flavors Cartridges

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The best STIIIZY Flavors is one that the consumer decides works best for them, but in terms of popularity, Strawberry Cough cartridges (distillates) reigns supreme. Also, Pods come in a wide variety of strains to offer cannabis patients the most options when it comes to selection the best STIIIZY flavors. However, Reddit users especially enjoy the highly-prized, potent strain of Strawberry Cough. Furthermore, this sativa originated as a cross between Strawberry Field and Haze and is known for providing an energetic and thoughtful high, percent for everything from:

  • Intense conversation
  • Reading
  • Working
  • Creativity
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • And more

Notably, Blue Dream is a name you’ve probably stumbled across if you’re somewhat familiar with cannabis. It is a cross between Blueberry and Haze. Also, Blue Dream has risen to a legendary status among cannabis patients worldwide due to its high THC content; thus, making it the perfect strain to craft into Blue Dream STIIIZY Pods (cartridges). Moreover, Blue Dream is a versatile option that’s good for a night out on the town or a quiet night in. It tends to provide relief for stress, depression, pain, headaches, and more.
Possibly, every stoner has seen the movie Pineapple Express at least once, but the real deal is much better than the film version. On the other hand, STIIIZY’s Pineapple Express pod is a sativa-dominant hybrid of Trainwreck and Hawaiian; the resulting combination is perfect for productive afternoons or taking a pleasant hike.

More Popular Selections

Aside from Strawberry Cough, Blue Dream and Pineapple Express, the following strains and flavors listed below have become the most popular STIIIZY selections

The Artisanal Crafting Process

STIIIZY’s distillates are handcrafted through a solvent-free distillation process. This is done by using only the most top-shelf quality concentrates and cannabis-derived terpenes, making our quality unbeatable. Also, We regularly pull our products off shelves to test them for purity. This is done in an effort to ensure that our customers are smoking only the best.
All STIIIZY distillates are made of 100% cannabis-derived terpenes and never contain any of the following:

Where Can I Buy STIIIZY Pods?

The best place for Californians to buy STIIIZY pods and battery packs is with Blunts Garden: We are Cali’s finest mobile and online cannabis dispensary. Also, We do ship all your favorite products like pre-rolls, concentrate cartridges, flowers, and more directly to your front door. By this, you never have to worry about finding a ride to the shop ever again. For residents within Los Angeles County, packages will be delivered the same day, and be delivered next day for people in the rest of the state.

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