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Top 5 Delta-8 THC Weed Stores | Buy Weed Online | Recreational Weed Dispensaries | Mail Order Weed Online

delta-8 thc weed, buy weed online

If you are a stoner, you obviously already know the stress involved to buy weed online, and the numerous day to day challenge in getting quality delivery service. Also, there is an increasing demand for the new Delt-8 THC which is alternative to the traditional weed. Subsequently, the advantage to knowing about Delta-8 THC weed, is the ease of buying it online and getting reliable delivery. We have put up this article with a compiled list of some top vendors to make vaping and smoking easy for you.

Top 5 Best Cannabis Store to Buy Weed Online

Raw Life Store
Extract Labs
Blue Moon Hemp
420 Plates
Delta Extrax

Raw Life Store: Best Lab Tested Delta-8 THC Weed and Vape Pens

Deals with premium CBD and THC products, and best known for providing top secured delivery service of potent Delta- products in the market. If you want great high with healthy flavors, Raw Life is your brand.


Raw Life’s shelves contain unique twists to THC goodies like brownies and sauces. But it’s their THC-infused cartridges and edibles that really stand out. Regardless of whether you’re a vape fan or more of a gummy guy, each drag/piece of Raw Life’s D8 items comes packed with euphoric highs.

Service and Assurance

Raw Life doesn’t have clear-cut terms on where and how refunds apply. So, for complaints, you’ll have to get in touch and state your issues. But it is known that refund time frame last to about 30 days from time of demand. Overnight delivery is a top notch service and shipments are mostly reliable.

Customer Feedback

For fans of real weed (Delta-9) who miss the strong highs of traditional marijuana, Raw Life’s potent cartridges are the closest you will get to the old days.

Extract Labs: Best Lab-tested THC Weed Products

Extract Labs is not just a supplier of quality THC weed items but an established lab that other vendors use to verify their products. So, any CBD or THC item that they produce is of the highest quality and safest for consumption.


They have the widest range of CBD products you’ll find in a single store. You get everything from CBD cartridges and CBD Pre-rolls to CBD Bath Bombs and CBD Coffee. You won’t find better cannabinoid products online outside of Extract Labs.

Services and Assurance

Extract Labs offer a diverse range of discounts to new users and buyers who sign up for their newsletters. So, make sure you grab the chance. Their refund and exchange policy applies to items that arrive damaged during shipment. And delivery charges come in standard rates.

Customer Feedback

Customers know that no other vendor possesses the testing capabilities of Extract Labs.

Blue Moon Hemp: Best Delta-8 Products for Stress-relief

Many users love Delta-8 items because of their ability to make you calm and relaxed. Blue Moon Hemp takes it a step further to create the best balance of THC and CBD so that every hit is more calming than the last.


The best way to enjoy Blue Moon Hemp’s products is to get one of the Curated Bundles. The right bundle will have a combo of cartridges, gummies, flavors, and mixes. Alternatively, you can also go for their CBD Shatters, which are quite potent too.

Services and Assurance

Blue Moon Hemp charges market rates for shipment costs, and you can choose from USPS or DHL for your delivery.

For refunds and returns, they’ll study your case and situation to decide whether you’re eligible.

Customer Feedback

Thousands of people who struggle with anxiety or undergo a lot of stress have found relief and rest in Blue Moon Hemp’s curated products and bundles.

420 Plates: Best Delta 8 Cartridges

420 Plates is among the most successful THC and weed (D8) suppliers in the industry. They operate in over 38 states and boast of over 250,000 items sold on average every month.


420 Plates’ products are not as varied and diverse as some other big names here. But their dedicated focus on Delta-8 cartridges has set their products apart. With 12 unique flavors, their Delta-8 cartridges come with a relaxing, cerebral kick and appetizing tastes that assault the senses.

Services and Assurance

420 Plates’ delivery times are subject to the carrier’s own logistics. So, depending on whether you take DHL or UPS, the exact dates may vary.

They also don’t have clearly stated rules on refunds and exchanges. So, any genuine complaints will have to be directed towards customer service.

Customer Feedback

Buyers and clients of Tree Top Hemp all seem to be pleased with their specialty – the Delta-8 Cartridges as well as the range of other THC items on their list.

Just Delta Store: Best Exotic Peach Delta-8 Gummies

Just Delta Store is a brand focused on providing D8 products that allow individuals to enjoy stress-free lifestyles with high-quality D8 THC. They also have some of the most affordable weed prices for D8 THC vapes and gummies.


Just Delta Store deals with a wide variety of hemp items, D8 vape oils, and edibles. But the standout product in their kitty is surely the Exotic Peach D8 Gummies. You get it in packs of 1000mg of D8 or 250mg of D8, depending on what dosage you prefer.

Services and Assurance

They offer a fully guaranteed refund on any products that don’t meet their high standards. However, you’ll have to ensure that the return is made within 30 days and in a condition that is acceptable by their stores.

Shipping charges and delivery times for JDS depend on the services you opt for (Eg. DHL, UPS, etc.).

Customer Feedback

When it comes to flavored D8 gummies, buyers of Just Delta Store rank the brand up there with giants like Moonwlkr.

Is it Legal to Buy weed?

Weed use and sales are subject to a lot of rules and restrictions, which vary from state to state. At the time of writing this comprehensive guide, there are about 20 US states where marijuana is legal (but subject to many regulations).

Although it’s no longer a crime to use weed in these states, there are still many restrictions that govern its buying, selling, and growing. For instance, the majority of states have a limit of one ounce, above which you’re not allowed to carry. And even when you step into a dispensary to buy that ounce, many vendors require a lot of documents, accept only cash, or have limited stocks to choose from.

Dispensaries aside, medically registered patients can grow their own cannabis in many states. But even here, most local authorities will restrict it to maybe five plants per person.

So, buying or growing traditional marijuana (Delta-9 THC) is more a hassle than a pleasure. Fortunately, we have access to Delta-8 THC today. D8 THC is another cannabinoid extract that comes from hemp, but it does not have psychoactive effects that are as intense as marijuana. This makes it permitted in most states, and it’s easier to buy this weed online legally and safely.

Buying Guide For Procuring Weed Online

Here’s a pothead’s guide to buying and choosing your online weed correctly.

  • Lab-tested for Safety

Regardless of whether it’s Delta-8, Delta-9, or Delta-10, any cannabinoid extract undergoes specific procedures before they become consumable products. It involves compounds that later have to be purified.

While vendors may say their THC or CBD products are all safe, you need to check if they have third-party lab results to prove it. Third-party labs ensure that the test is conducted in an unbiased and objective manner.

The most reliable online weed stores will have clear lab results uploaded for all their visitors to see. It’s usually called a Certificate of Analysis (COA). And it reveals all the contents, composition, and processes the product underwent before it was ready for sale.

  • Decent E-commerce Website

When you buy weed online legally, it should be different from browsing sketchy websites that are trying to navigate legal loopholes. Your weed store should have a proper e-commerce layout with categories, resources, and information all organized in an easy-to-navigate website.

Also, stores that make it hard for you to browse products or place orders can be a hassle anyway. So, you want a website that looks and feels professional from the moment you arrive.

Ensure that they have a smooth checkout system where you have multiple payment options to pay for your weed order.

  • Guarantees and Efficient Shipping

Most of the best places to buy weed online legally come with money-back guarantees. It shows that they’re willing to offer a refund if their THC products aren’t as good as advertised.

While this looks like a marketing ploy, it’s also a good sign that they’re confident in the quality of CBD or THC items they make.

The best weed stores will use Priority Mail or Standard Mail from reliable carriers like DHL, USPS, and UPS.

Benefits of Delta-8 THC Weed

Delta-8 THC weed has specific advantages that traditional weed doesn’t offer.

  • Fewer Restrictions

Marijuana is fraught with unseen rules, regulations, and restrictions even in states where it is legal. On the other hand, Delta-8 THC comes with much fewer legal hurdles, whether it’s bought online or in physical stores. Federally, it’s a legal substance, so the only minor restrictions that exist are in specific states.

  • Milder Highs

The most redeeming quality of Delta-8 THC is the mellow buzz it delivers. It’s relaxing enough to enjoy anywhere but not so dangerous as to be deemed lethal or illegal. You get the best sides of weed without the worst sides of weed.

  • Pain-relief and Stress-alleviation

The soothing effects of Delta-9 (marijuana) can quickly go into an uncontrolled daze if you misuse the dosage. With Delta-8 THC, you get a milder experience with the same buzz and euphoria but none of the panic attacks or restlessness.

  • Easy Access

Thanks to its relatively more legal status and enjoyable effects, Delta-8 THC is also much easier to buy. As long as you know the right stores and websites, you can buy weed online legally without having to go through the legal troubles of trying to procure marijuana.

Why Should I Buy Weed Online?

With the option to buy weed online legally, there’s no more need to go stand in line at your local dispensaries. Here’s why!

  • Unmatched Convenience

Whether it’s a weed or any other product, the ease of ordering and buying your products online is a boon of today’s market. You can be chilling on your old couch and still place an order for the newest D-8 cartridge from your favorite vendor.

  • Variety of Options

Do you like smoking your weed or eating it in a THC-laced candy? Regardless of preference, you can find the best varieties if you know which stores to visit. Choose from vapes, oils, concentrates, gummies, brownies, cartridges, and a lot more when you buy weed online legally.

  • Reliable Sellers

Another advantage when you buy weed online legally is that you know precisely who they are. You can do background checks, read their story, learn their supply processes, etc. It’s safer and more trustworthy than a dingy dispensary.

  • Ease of buying

Most vendors today will offer multiple payment and shipment options for your weed purchase. So, you can pay conveniently by credit card or PayPal and expect your THC weed to be delivered by FedEx or DHL.


Q1. Can I Buy Delta-8 THC Weed Online?

Yes. Most states and regions will allow you to buy Delta-8 THC weed from online vendors easily. However, before purchase, it’s still safe to check if your state has any specific THC regulations for Delta-8 and similar products.

Q2. Is it Legal to buy Weed Online?

Whether or not it’s legal to buy weed online depends on your geographical location and rules set by your local authority. But in general, Delta-8 THC products are more widely legalized and allowed across many states. As far as Federal rules go, you can buy Delta-8 THC weed online without restrictions.

Q3. What are the best places to buy weed online?

While there are a lot of online weed sellers, not all of them are equally reliable. If you’re looking to buy Delta-8 THC weed on the internet, look no further than our comprehensive list of D8 vendors here. Also, if you want to try out other D8 vendors, use our THC vendor buying guide to find the best ones for you.

Q4. Will Delta-8 THC weed make me high?

Delta-8 THC weed does have euphoric effects that vary from person to person. But the ‘high’ is a mellower and milder version of what you’ll experience with Delta-9 THC (traditional marijuana). So, it’s much more enjoyable and safer than conventional cannabis.

Q5. How much Delta-8 THC weed should I take?

If you’re a first-time D8 consumer, the best advice is to take it slow. Start with small and controlled doses to get a feel for the buzz and the taste. Once comfortable, you can gradually increase the dosage as per your liking.

The best D8 THC sellers usually provide dosage charts that show you how to enjoy a specific product. For instance, your Moonwlkr D8 Gummies may come with instructions on how many pieces to start with and when to top it off later.


The legality of marijuana (Delta-9) use in the country is still filled with misconceptions, legal restrictions, and confusing bureaucratic rules. So, to buy weed online legally, you have to know exactly what you’re getting and from whom you’re getting it.

Luckily, Delta-8 THC provides a potent and enjoyable alternative that is still affordable and available across the country. With this guide, you’ll be able to find the best D8 THC products, brands, and variations to begin your journey in enjoying Delta-8 THC.

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