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What’s an 8th of Weed

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You may either live in a legalized state or underground market state; won’t still change the local scale to buy cannabis starting from an 8th of weed which is most commonly sought quantity in weed weights (measurement). How much is an 8th of weed? Weed was commonly sold in eighths back when marijuana legalization was just a twinkle of an eye. Up to now, we still have legal dispensaries selling weed in eighths. This article also helps you on how to order marijuana online and get it delivered at doorsteps. Furthermore, users search for, 8th of an ounce, an eighth of weed, how much is a quarter of weed, how much is an 8th of weed, 8th of weed price. How many grams in an 8th?

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How much for an eighth of weed? As in, how much should it cost?

Believe it or not, “How much for an eighth of weed?” is something we get asked a lot. After all, this is perhaps one of the most popular flower weights buyers are looking to buy. The answer can vary with us depending on the strain and a few other factors. Prices can range between $45 and $55 per eighth depending on the strain, and some strains can climb higher or fall lower depending on supply and demand. Lastly, a great question to ask is, how many grams is an eighth?

Breakdown of Weed Weights starting from Eighth of Weed Plus Prices

  • ⅛ ounce = 3.5 grams $35 – $50 (an eighth ounce of weed)
  • ¼ ounce = 7 grams $70 – $85 (a quarter ounce of weed)
  • ½ ounce = 14 grams $100 – $120 (half ounce of weed)
  • 1 ounce = 28 grams $170 – $200 (an ounce of weed)

Now, it is good to understand that the weight of your flower may depend on how dense it is; some maybe how light and airy and others weighty and condensed. However, do expect an eighth of marijuana to fill at least half your open palm which should be 3.5grams. Please do visit for more information of price in your city.

8th of weed
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Conclusively, once you know how much is an eighth of weed, it’s a hard thing to forget. Eventually, you can pretty much know an eighth of weed when you see it or hold it. Here at Raw Life, we use the term eighths a lot, you may occasionally hear this amount of weed referred to as a half-quarter (1/4 divided by half = 1/8) of weed, or even a slice of weed. How much is an 8th of weed? Whatever term you eventually grow to prefer, we’ve got you covered with a fine selection of cannabis flower, edibles, and more. And, if you’re ever confused about terminology, we’ll gladly help you out.

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  1. […] ounce is equivalent to 28.35g. Hence, ⅛ ounce (commonly called just an “eighth”) is equal to 3.5g. This is as well a marijuana term commonly used in the industry for marijuana […]

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